CineBago Productions is currently on the film festival circuit with our short film, Zinnia,
featuring Walton Goggins and Terry Chen.

Please contact Mike Byrd or Krystina Figg for a password protected version of the film.


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Mike and Don Hate Each Other     Building Lines

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Genre: Feature-length Comedy

Logline: "Two 40 year old neighbors battle in a physical war of one-upsmanship. If they can't bury the hatchet and work together, they'll bury each other."

Click for project notes and synopsis.


Genre: Feature-Length Action / Drama

Logline: "During the Great Nordic War of 1718, a reluctant 21 year old Norwegian must join the ski troopers and battle a massive Swedish army to save his love, his family, and his country."

Click for trailer, project notes and synopsis.


Building Lines
Genre: One-hour Original TV Series

: "Six young Apprentice Lineman learn about sacrifice, courage, and brotherhood through the electrifying world of building power lines. After his father dies doing line work, the audacious Burke must figure out if this perilous, but rewarding lifestyle is right for him."

Building Lines is in the vain of Sons of Anarchy. We have a completed pilot and 1st season bible.

Click here for the Vimeo Link to our short film, and proof of concept.

Pine Barrens   Hell's Castle    

Pine BarrensGenre: Feature-length Horror / Action

: "A tough group of construction workers fight for their lives and their sanity when they find themselves trapped and hunted in the million-acre woods of the New Jersey Pine Barrens."

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Hell's CastleGenre: Feature-length Horror / Action

Logline: "Since before Christ, Irish druids have performed baby-killing sacrifices for their Gods. Charlie and Susan, a naive California couple, travel to their newly inherited castle only to find evil druid spirits are after their unborn son. Can they escape Hell's Castle?"

Click for synopsis and photos of the Hewson Castle in Ireland.


The Quarantine Trail has allowed The Hollywood Think Tank to really delve deep into pre-existing projects and explore new ideas. Website will be updated again shortly.


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